Reports from the road ~ and photos by day.
Thur 6/8/02
Photos of the car in Frenchtown, before leaving on the trip
Day 1
Tue 6/18/02
Photos ~ Officer Mulligan departs Ground Zero, NYC, heading south to Washington DC
Day 2
Wed 6/19/02
Photos ~ Entering Tenessee - On the way to Little Rock
Day 3
Thu 6/20/02
Photos ~ Little Rock, Arkansas - a wonderful reception, overwhelming motorcade...
Day 4
Fri 6/21/02
Photos ~ Another great reception in Oklahoma City, heading west to Alberquerque
Day 5
Sat 6/22/02
Photos ~ A warm reception at the Alberquerque Hampton Inn, photos printed and downloaded to disk at Kinko's Copy Center, heading west through beautiful desert scenery to Flagstaff and Las Vegas and image transfer to the website - photos coming soon!
Day 6
Sun 6/23/02
No Photos ~ No report
Day 7
Mon 6/24/02
Photos ~ Huntington Beach, California - Officer Mulligan delivered tokens of appreciation from Port Authority police officers to H.B.P.D. Officer Chris Tater and others who who traveled across the entire country to come to New York and assist the NYPD and Port Authority at Ground Zero. 
HBPD responded with a barbeque in Bob's honor followed by a helicopter tour of the Huntington Beach area.
Day 8
Tue 6/25/02
Photos ~ Heading north to San Francisco, arriving just before sunset. Just enough time to hit some target locations and take some photos, then heading east.
Day 9
Wed 6/26/02
Photos ~ Through the mountains and the desert - driving, driving, driving... target: Salt Lake City
Day 10
Thur 6/27/02
Photos ~ Passing through Salt Lake City, on through Wyoming, continung to Chicago... (Digital camera Flash card fed-ex'd to webmaster...)
Day 11
Fri 6/28/02
Photos ~ Through Chicago, Pleasantview, Illinois, Elkhart, Indiana and on to Ohio... Two days of hard driving... gotta get some sleep.. 
Day 12
Sat 6/29/02
Photos ~ Well rested, leaving Ohio for Shanksville, PA, and hoping to be at the Frenchtown Bridge across the Delaware River by 2 pm on Sunday.... 
Day 13
Sun 6/30/02
A very emotional visit to the cemetary in Shanksville, PA - where the passengers fought the terrorists to the ground - saving us and paying with their lives.

Crossing the Delaware River at the Frenchtown Bridge at 3:15. A brief visit to the local Legion Hall, Town Hall, Fire House...

then on to Manhattan to complete the trip where it began - at Ground Zero in New York...

~ Photos


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