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Well, here's a new page at
I guess it's the result of more demand from our visitors for more up-to-date content. Let's face it, people want to use the internet to find more than some pretty pictures and a stale old story about a quaint little town.

For a web site to be meaningful these days - meaningful and truly helpful to its visitors, it must continually add relevant content and grow with the needs of the audience.

John's approach was to sign up for a blog. But I'm not really a blogger - not yet, at least. I never felt the need to use a blog; I'm the webmaster - and the host of the website. The tools I use these days allow me to update the website with edits, changes and new pages about as easily as I create or edit a document in Microsoft Word.

Editing existing web pages certainly is no longer rocket science. It's quick and easy to do.

Updating the home page frequently has kept us at the top of the search engines for years, which is nice, and updating the home page is not great effort, in these days of convenient web page editing software.

But the problem was, what to do with the comments, reports and general content after it became dated?

I've always disliked deleting page content, so I wanted to find a way to keep the content  online in a convenient archive.

Well here it is: "This Week" a new feature of I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes our website more valuable to all of our visitors.

Alan Runfeldt, webmaster
So, What's happening this week?

Frenchtown Bridge at 6 am 4/6/2005
The Frenchtown Bridge at Flood Stage Plus - 6:00 am Wednesday April 6, 2005 photo by Weather Nuts Joel & Carol
Okay, it's finally spring in Frenchtown. . .
It warmed up, buds are budding, the birds are singing, our gardens are beginning to grow summer vegetables.

The American Legion post has got the Memorial Day Parade all planned and ready for Monday, May 31.

We had our Spring Flood (and it was a doozie!)

The Lions Club is preparing to hold their Annual Car Show and Frenchtown Community Day in June this year. And June will be here before we know it. The annual Lions Club Easter Egg hunt was a tremendous success, and now they're getting ready for the car show.

We waited all winter for spring, but when it came, it came with too much water in the river. Fortunately, the flood did not bring large chunks of ice down the river with the flood, as has happened in the past.

William Wegman

World-Renowned Photo-Artist
William Wegman
is coming to Frenchtown to help raise funds for a local kennel.
See him at
Beasely's Book Bindery on Harrison Street
12-4 Saturday, May 21


Del Val News Offices in Winter Tuesday, 3/8 - Thanks to Kevin & Del Val News

It was a cold and wintry day, and Del Val News writer Kevin Guhl was working diligently inside, tight to a deadline to complete an article about the Websites of Frenchtown.

How can it be that a small community such as ours has had the benefit of not one, but two people who think enough of this place to publish its story to the world, and offer online resources to its community? 

I guess it's just a very special place. As says Rick Charwin says on WDVR-FM, we're probably just  "Local and Lovin' it."...
~ Special Community Events ~
Check out Frenchtown's Live Local Theatre

April, 2005 - POST FLOOD Survivor's Celebration

As you may know, our charming little river community recently suffered it's second serious flood in 8 months. The Delaware River brought water from the north; the local creeks brought water from the plateau. "The Pennsy Side" of the river suffered even worse than we did...

The September 2004 Flood was thought to be the worst flood since 1955.

The April 2005 flood was worse than that.

Last time, the Post Office had water lapping at its door and surrounding houses were evacuated. This time, the Post Office itself was flooded and closed. Neighboring homes were inundated and some residents were left homeless.

But, as with last time, friends and neighbors set aside their daily tasks to help their friends and neighbors in need. The Red Cross was with us again as well and we thank them for their assistance in this time of need.

Now it's time to catch our breath and celebrate the mutual support of those who suffered the most, and the good fortune of us who were lucky enough to be on land only a few feet higher... and whose homes stayed dry...

The Ark has docked - drydocked - in Frenchtown.

Come "Two by Two" to celebrate Frenchtown's neighborly support of our flood victims.

Flood Victims
Emergency Support Personnel
Supportive Neighbors

Are all invited to a Barbecue
at the Frenchtown Legion Hall

Saturday, April 16, 3-7:00 pm

a FREE Family Event
 sponsored by:

 Frenchtown American Legion Post 113
The Frenchtown Lions Club
John & Nancy West
& other contributing friends and neighbors

for more information,
or to make a supporting donation,
call Nancy West at 996-6873

Local Flood Victims' Fund Raiser
 by River Union Stage

 The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
Friday, 4/15 7:00 pm
on the River Union Stage
at Edith Ort Elementary School


Check the 2005 Community Events Calendar over on the right to see what's coming - or may be coming, based upon last year's events.
Springtime might actually be here now.

The last snow - all 6-8" of it, only lasted a few days...

The creek's not frozen any more and there's green grass growing where the spring comes out of the hillside - that's where the ground almost never freezes and generally stays warm enough for things to grow as long as the spring is running.... and that spring is always running...
So was some green grass on the hillside, even while the rest of the ground was still covered with what's left of the snow...

Frenchtown Post Office Reopens after Flood.

I had some good news along with the mail delivered today. I was informed that the local Frenchtown Post Office, which had to be abandoned after last month's flood, and replaced by a trailer parked in the lot, has reopened, clean and dry once again!


from the New Hope Beacon:

Federal Aid Finally Available to Local Flood Victims

April 19 - President Bush declared Hunterdon County (among others) a Federal Flood Disaster Area

If you were affected by the flood of April, 2005, and wish to apply for relief, it's not too late. You can register with FEMA online to apply for financial aid under the Individual and Household Assisance Program for eligible flood damage and for temporary housing assistance. Small businesses affected by the flood may be eligible for assistance from the SBA.

Temporary FEMA office in Stockton - open M-F 10 am - 8 pm (609)-397-6236
Inside FEMA links to visit:

1) FEMA 2005 Disasters Report
2) New Jersey Severe Storms and Flooding Declared April 19, 2005
3) Federal And State Disaster Team Makes Applying For Assistance Easier
4) Common Misconceptions May Disqualify Applicants From Much Needed Help

If you have problems, contact our local Congressional Representive Rush Holt.

Fresh Groceries Return to Frenchtown

The old A&P Market on 6th Street
has reopened to a very warm welcome as the new
Frenchtown IGA Market
on Thursday, May 12, 2005

The shelves are stocked, the freezers are freezing, the deli's all full of fresh coldcuts and salads.

Once again we can
enjoy the pleasure of buying our groceries in The Local Market - the Frenchtown Market - within walking distance of most of the homes in Frenchtown.
Now we'll be seeing our neighbors at the market again and can keep up with all the local gossip...



Favourite Quotes about Frenchtown, New Jersey

Here on the east bank of the Delaware River is a place which many have never seen, the kind of place most believe has all but vanished. 
~ ~ ~ 
Frenchtown is an authentic relic of the American past; a small town of clapboard and columns and shady porches tucked between brooding brown cliffs and a sweep of the rippling Delaware River.

Frenchtown is the kind of place people go looking for when they take to the byways and the “scenic routes” dotted in green on the highway maps. It comes as a surprise and delight to those who find it by chance. This is a town to be enjoyed at length, a place where curiosity is rewarded by an array of things to see and do This gem on New Jersey's western shore is only minutes from Clinton, Flemington & Lambertville, in New Jersey and from  New Hope, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Frenchtown can be reached via a variety of traffic-free and scenic routes through beautiful Hunterdon County, NJ and Bucks County, PA.

"Perhaps luckily for Frenchtown, it avoided the 'modernization' and rapid expansion of the tourist industry ... Within a five minute walk are bed-and-breakfast inns, several acclaimed restaurants ... as well as 30 shops that specialize in ... art, antiques, gifts, collectibles, crafts" - Garden State Home & Garden magazine

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