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Frenchtown-Dot-Com is dedicated to serving the Community of the Boro of Frenchtown, New Jersey, and its postal area including the surrounding rural community of Kingwood Township in Hunterdon County, New Jersey

~ est. Feb 18, 1997

The Rural Home of Frenchtown.com

The Original Rural Home of Frenchtown.com
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      • An interesting story about Email Virus hoaxes
      • Reasons why we do not recommend Microsoft Web Products

      • And, what others say:
      • Personal Opinion about Microsoft and warnings. from 3/29/98 -
      • A year later, and still more warnings about Microsoft and how it's products encourage and spread viruses. See Melissa aka Maillissa updated 3/29/99
      • update - 2007 - Microsoft continues to screw with the internet and has just continued to make things worse.
      • local Internet Service Providers
        • July, 2007. It seems as though Sprint/Embarq DSL is the way to go these days. Contact your phone company for details.
      • Our comments:
        • #1:Erols has provided excellent connectivity and almost no busy signals
        • #2:Blast.net (our backup access) has offered a special discount to friends of Frenchtown.com (that's you).
        • Eclipse offers excellent service and world-wide roaming.
        • #zzzzzzz: Prolog loses big time for service & reliability & customer service.
      • Why you want to use a local ISP instead of AOL, ATT, et. al..- from ZD Anchordesk



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