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We're just completing a restructuing of this ever-growing site from one large page to 15 individual pages linked via frames and user-selectable vertical or horizontal menubars. Now these pages can now begin to grow on their own, keeping our site fast and easy to access.. We're also adding downtown photos of Frenchtown, through the courtesy of Joanne at Cornerstone Cafe, who just bought a new computer and digital camera, which she has graciously allowed us to use to give you current, live photos of our little community. Thanks, Joanne!

Earlier, we began toying with sound, and now visitors using Microsoft;s browser hear a tune called "passport" and Netscape users have the option to turn on and listen to the theme from "Northern Exposure", our favorite TV show, which tells stories of an Alaskan town not unlike our own Frenchtown.

Soon (8/21) we will be broadcasting - LIVE! an entire 2-hour radio drama. See WDVR's site for details.

Plus we're in discussions with Jay Arancio of Media Works and the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association about using some of his creative marketing ideas to further the goals of our local business association. Keep watching for dynamic evolution at Frenchtown's local website!


In the five months since the appearance of, we are pleased to announce over 2400 visitors to our site, and just about 20/day in July. Not much, compared to some websites, but for our humble little effort here, it's not bad at all.

We send our thanks to the Delaware Valley News and particularly to Karen Delisle and editor Nick Giovanni whose efforts, along with your word-of-mouth references, WDVR-FM's regular announcements and all the internet search engines appear to be doing the job of letting our neighbors know that we exist!