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Our Farm Tractor

Established at the beginning of March, 1997, has attracted quite a bit of interest in the local community as well as having grown into a source of information for visitors from near and far.

Our friends at WDVR-FM have been very vocal in their support as w e help to develop their web site into a valuable resouce for their listeners. Our local newspaper, The Delaware Valley News was kind enough to feature our efforts on the front page of the June 16, 1997issue. The Courier News wrote of us in their "Webmaster's Corner" in May of '98.

The Frenchtown Business & Professional Association has entered into a relationship with for the development of a "Visitor's Center" which includes a verbose listing of member businesses. All local businesses are welcome to join our "Local Business Links" list and/or host their websites with us, or sponsor pages for local community organizations. Community participation is welcome and necessary - particularly local news, photos - and local business support.
Please send email to me at (Subject = "Frenchtown") with suggestions of what you think this website can do for you - or what you think you can do for this website.

We also welcome the opportunity to link to your website or other websites of interest to visitors to and residents of this part of Hunterdon County.
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