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Latest report: after noon Tuesday, April 17

Good news! It looks like we dodged the bullet this time.
Things are looking good - river is down to 14 feet and holding or dropping.
(But it is rushing. Water flow rate is high, although the water depth is not increasing at this time.) frenchtown bridge 4/17/2007 at noon
The river is still very, very dangerous. The flow is fast and the river is carrying debris. Stay away from the water.
River Road and the Municipal Parking lot near the bridge have been reopened to public traffic.

  • AND, the rain has been sparse in our area, so although the Nishsackawick Creek is surely backed up a bit, it is (slowly) draining to the river and, although it does still pose a threat, if the weather holds and the creeks don't rise, the folks and homes in the Trenton Avenue Basin will stay dry as well.
  • Riegelsville bridge came within a few inches of flood stage last night, then crested and is dropping. There is no apparent flood activity or water currently building up to our north along the Delaware or Lehigh rivers.
  • Questions have been raised and discussed regarding management of some reservoirs upriver from us, but we have no first hand information to report at this time.
  • And more good news from the IRS: If you have been procccupied with Nor'easter or flooding issues, and unable to file your return by today, they will accept your tax return until Thursday. Be sure to include on your return the phrase "April 16 storm" (preferably in red ink) to qualify for this automatic extension. Visit the IRS website for more information and to see if you qualify.

It looks like we can all begin to relax now - until the next time....
- 2:00 pm Tuesday.

Unloading the trailer after the flood watch ended
<- Unloading the Trailer after the floodwatch ended today

webmaster's note:

Although we 'dodged the bullet', so to speak, a lot of work went into preparation and planning for the possibility of a real flood - and it did come really, really close.

The local authorities stayed on top of the situation, we monitored the river flows to the north and south, watched the weather and communicated regarding 'current flood status' a number of times. Some of our neighbors cleared out their basements, first floors and garages - and they had a lot of help from their friends. pages were updated 6 times during this event and out pages were viewed more than 500 times more than usual for these few days. This is yet another indication that the internet is a prime source of information and that is indeed serving the community which supports it.
Delaware River Flood Watch at Frenchtown, NJ 08825 ~ April 15-18, 2007:
Watch here (as Google does) for regular updates until the river crests.
Check current river conditions. ~ Significant Flooding Possible to the SOUTH. ~ History of Frenchtown Floods - chart ~
Updates: Hunterdon County OEM ~ Delaware River Basin Commission reports

Tuesday, April 16 - Frenchtown has escaped the ravages of another flood. Waters crested at Riegelsville within inches of flood stage, but the river level is going down now.

Monday, April 16 - Flood Threat is real, but not imminent, and should not be 'too bad'...

Latest Reports: Flood Warning Continues (NOAA)

8:00 pm

6:00 pm
  • NOAA's 5:00 report suggests a downgrading of the threat since 4:00 and that the Delaware River will reach about 16 feet at the Frenchtown Bridge between 8 and 10 am Tuesday.
  • Forecast flooding for Rieglesville Bridge north of town has also been also been downgraded somewhat.
    Expectation now is for an extended 12-hour cresting at 22.3' (4" above flood stage) between 2 am and 2 pm Tuesday.
  • The Delaware River at Frenchtown is projected to crest at 16 feet ('minor' flood stage) late Tuesday morning.
  • About the only thing flooded at this time is the picnic bench on the river bank, as seen below.About the only thing flooded at this time is a picnic bench
4:00 pm 
Frenchtown PD Chief Al Kurylka reports that
  • "River Road has been closed from Bridge Street to Washington Avenue as a precaution. We've blocked off River Road due to the very real possiblity of water on the roadway.
    At 4:00, the river is currently expected to go 1.8' above 16 feet flood stage which would flood the River Road parking lot."
  • The chief also warns of the danger of driving into waters of unknown depth and that this road closure will be enforced. 
    "Do not cross the barricades or you will receive a ticket."

Monday, April 16 - 12 noon - Regional Flood Watch is still in effect - through Wednesday.
"Significant Flooding is imminent"
in local creek areas EAST of the river - see River Forecast Center
  • Riegleslville Bridge 1:30 pm (a few miles north of town) has risen ten feet and is within five feet of flood stage, but may reach flood stage more
  • Tocks Island (way north) is up 8 feet and is five feet below flood stage.
  • Lehigh River at Bethlehem (important source of flood waters) has risen 5 feet and seems to have crested -8 feet below flood stage.
  • Delaware River at Frenchtown is still 4 feet below River Road, but the river is rising slowly and may reach flood stage - and crest - by 8 am Tuesday morning.

Frenchtown Bridge 3 pm Monday, April 16, 2007
<- Frenchtown Bridge 3 pm Monday:
click image to see video or here to view video from Paul's deck above the river. (recorded 3pm Monday)

Flood Condition statement:
"The Hunterdon County Office of Emergency Management expects the river to rise from now through Tuesday."
The Delaware River at Frenchtown MAY pass flood stage by 1/2 foot.
This is time to prepare, but not to panic.
We may not even get our feet wet - we have to wait and see and pay attention to flood watch news as conditions evolve.
Be careful, be ready, be calm and watch here for updates as the come in.

Please Contact the webmaster with any news or questions about the local situation - or problems you may encounter.
We are in touch with local authorities and will endeavor to keep this page as up to date as we can, and assist local residents with information as we collect it.

Here's what is expected by NOAA at Riegelsville:
(what happens at Riegelsville happens here shortly thereafter.)
click the image for an update if you can reach NOAA's web site.
For what it's worth, here's NOAA's page on Frenchtown (shows crest at 8 am Tuesday)

Flood Watch at Riegelsville, PA

Sunday April 15- 11:00 am Noon 5 pm,  - Regional Flood Watch is in effect. - for the next three days.
NO Delaware River flooding is expected near Frenchtown today.
But we are not out of danger . "Significant Flooding is Likely"  from Frenchtown south over the next three days. See  River  Forecast Center
Local Creeks are flooding. Northern bridges still well below flood stage. There is flooding near Trenton, but not further north.
Rieglesville Bridge is up about a foot 3 feet since this morning, but is still twelve feet below flood stage.
Lehigh River at Easton - also up about one foot
3 feet since at this time, but still ten feet below flood stage.

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