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What's Being Done? - NBC News story - official Flood Insurance Program Site.

Well, the flood is over, everyone's busy cleaning up, the general concensus is that we all are getting better at dealing with river floods, but WHAT ABOUT NEXT TIME?

So. Now it's time to prepare for the next flood. The September 2004 was initially assumed to be "the fifty year flood", but then there was the April 2005 flood - only 8 months later. Then there was this June 2006 flood, only 15 months after that. There was also a major flood during the winter of 1996 - complete with ice floes and everything. The next flood can come at any time of the year.

So. What's next - and will we be ready for it?

Yes, I think we will. Everyone in town has applauded the mayor's office, the fire company and the friends and neighbors who pitched in - moving furniture, caring for pets, taking in refugees, filling sandbags, etc., then showing up to help their neighbors with the cleanup.

Everyone's got some flood stories, and, although they may be of loss, they are not of disaster.

No one in Frenchtown was seriously hurt*. No pets were lost. Even the famous Koi fish Red and Redder made it through alive - and spent their flood days in a hotel room... Today, they are back home in their little Koi pond at home.

Yeah. Frenchtown managed this flood pretty well. There was serious financial and loss and infrastructure damage, but otherwise few surprises. We're getting better at flood response.

But this is a good time to prepare for "next time".

This page will be dealing with that issue.

Watch here for more to come from the Mayor's office, the Boro Council, and the Office of Emergency Management.

And by all means, do pass on your own ideas. Here's the forum. It's a place to share ideas. Admittedly, it's not a public, open forum or a squawk box. It will be moderated by your webmaster. Our purpose is to present information and ideas in a meaningful way. If we do a good job, let us know. If not, let us know that also, and we'll try to do better.

* A 39 year old man did drown in a swollen creek in Lambertville.

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