Delaware River Flood at Frenchtown, NJ ~ June 28-30, 2006
Aerial Photographs by Bob Quinlan of
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Photographs taken midday Thursday, June 29, 2006. Posted 1 pm Sunday, July 2.


AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS by our friend Bob Quinlan of  Highwing Aerial Photography services.

Click on any photo to see a larger image. These photos are available at no charge to Frenchtown residents who need proof of the flooding.

Trenton Avenue Basin Photo #2

Trenton Avenue Basin Photo #2

View to the west including the north edge of the high and dry Frenchtown Cemetery.
The Nishisackawick Creek curves up from the east (bottom of photo).
Trenton Ave/State Highway 29 is flooded from the Post Office to just south of the Nishisackawick Bridge.
River Road parking lot at top of the photo is under about 6 feet of water.
Frenchtown Bridge at top right.
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Post Office and Trenton Avenue Area

Post office and Trenton Area Flooding Frenchtown, NJ 08825

The Frenchtown Post office (flat-roofed brick building to the left in this photo and on the right of the photo above)
was closed on Wednesday and moved postal operations to Milford, the next town to the north.
The homes in these photos were flooded to a depth of 2-3 feet in most cases,
with more water apparent to the south (right side of photo).
Many garages along the alleyway saw five feet or more as can be seen in photo above.
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River Road South

River Road, Frenchtown NJ south end - flooded

South end of River Road at Washington Street intersection to right.
All is flooded from the old railroad bed (bike path) to the River.
Gray house in center was built on stilts for protection. It worked.
Small, older house at bottom right was not. It is flooded to a depth of 4-5 feet in the kitchen.
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Frenchtown Sewer Plant and Municipal Garage at Peak of Flood

Frenchtown, NJ Sewer Plant during flood of 2006

View of the Frenchtown sewer plant and municipal garage at the south end of River Road.
Processing tanks survived unaffected, due to high ground they are built on.
Vehicles moved to higher ground also protected from flood damage.
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Across the River, view from south of Frenchtown,
Bridge and Uhlerstown farms.

Van's Self-Storage Lot, north of town.

Across the Delaware River from Frenchtown are the farms and homes of Uhlerstown, Pennsylvania,
along with a quaint covered bridge that spans the old Easton-Philadelphia Canal.
These fields flood easily, but this time were covered far more than usual.
Nearly all of Rhett Tharp's corn fields can be see covered with water in this photo.
The Uhlerstown Covered Bridge across the Canal seems to have fared well,
but the road to it is closed, with a deep swatth cut across it. Pavement was washed into the corn field.
PA Route 32 / River Road has been cut by a washout 1/4 mile north of the bridge that now links the quarry
directly with the river. No one will be driving north from the Frenchtown Bridge along
Route 32 for the foreseeable future. It may take a bridge to span that gap.
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note: We have much larger originals of all images with very fine detail and 3,000 pixel wide images.
We will post links to those photos upon request.