MARCH 11,1998

The Frenchtown Business and Professional Association monthly meeting was held at the Frenchtown Inn on March 11, 1998. Following are highlights from the meeting:

  • Web Site -- Jay Arancio/Alan Runfeldt
  • Donna Miller and Jay Arancio presented the last of the photographs taken for use on the site. Members present selected those pictures that will be used to form the opening decoupage of Alan reported that he is continually adding member listing and has added new information to the visitors link at the site. Please take a minute to dial up the site and take a look at the progress.

    The building and business identifying numbers for the map of Frenchtown have been finalized and submitted to Jay Arancio for inclusion on the web map. This map and business identity will be printed in a paper version for use by visitors in and around Frenchtown. However, the request for information made in the minutes/newsletter distributed after the February meeting has been extremely low. If you want your business identified with more than just your business name, you must complete the form below and submit to one of the listed contacts no later than March 23.

  • Frenchtown Brochure -- Joanne Stevely
  • Joanne has taken the text that had been written in the past and formally laid it out in a brochure (four fold) format. Samples were distributes among attendees and comments were very favorable about proceeding with finalizing pictures, editing text and securing quotes for printing. Both an 8 1/2 x 11 and an 8 1/2 x 14 size will be quoted in B&W, one color and four color. More information from the committee will be presented at the next meeting.

  • Founders Day
  • Bill Black attended the meeting on behalf of the Lions Club and addressed the group about FBPA participation with the annual Founders Day event. Historically, Founders Day has been a community picnic day held on the last Saturday in June. Attendance and community interest apparently has waned in recent years. Discussion developed a plan to mover the event into the September and develop an autumn theme around the day. Greg Conocchioli and Rosella Coloiero will head a committee to work with the Lions, who will be represented by Bill Black and Rob Bainbridge, to develop an agenda for the day that will better serve the community. Some of the ideas quickly generated at the meeting were to use Plessey Field rather than Frenchtown park to achieve greater visibility, have an apple "bake-off" event including pies, cobblers, apple sauce, etc and a pumpkin carving contest that will envelope the picnic format. The downtown businesses could use some of the carved jack-o-lanterns to illuminate their storefronts and walkways and create a more festive feeling in town. Lastly, having a local bike race or mini-marathon run were also ideas to stimulate additional interest in Founders Day. The committee will meet and finalize plans ASAP.

  • Other Events
  • There was some discussion about an FBPA sponsored event around the July 4th holiday and would include and extended "event" into Bastille Day. Frenchtown is uniquely qualified to hold such an event given itís name and the heritage of itís founding fathers. Any ideas on how to coordinate such and event are welcomed. Please contact one of the FBPA Officers with any ideas or comments.

    Monthly meetings of FBPA are held the second Wednesday of each month at 6PM at the Frenchtown Inn. Representatives from businesses in and around Frenchtown are welcome to attend.

    Next FBPA Meeting --- Frenchtown Inn ---- Wednesday, April 8, 1998 -----

    and the second Wednesday of each month at the Inn.
    Group gathers to socialize from 6 to 6:30 PM.
    Meeting start promptly at 6:30.


    Frank Barbato, Sec'y

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