JANUARY 21,1998

The first meeting of 1998 was held at the Frenchtown Inn.Thanks to Tom and Laura Tomko, all meetings for 1998 will be held at the Inn. PLEASE, mark your calendars now for the second Wednesday of EACH month so that you will be in attendance at the Inn.


  • Jennifer Shenberger -- Shenberger Insurance*
  • Carol Winnicki -- Treasures Pleasures
  • Sally Creswell -- A-Line Automotive*
  • David Miller -- R.E. Broker/Appraiser*
  • Rob Bainbridge -- Valley Florist*
  • Donna Miller -- Frenchtown Launderette*
  • Jay Arancio -- Media Works*
  • Alan Runfelt --*
  • Joanne Stevely -- Cornerstone Cafe*
  • Tom & Laura Tomko -- Frenchtown Inn*
  • Frank Barbato -- Natural Instincts*
  • *FBPA Member
  • Secretary’s Report -- Frank Barbato
    Minutes of the December 10, 1998 meeting were approved with the addition that Frank and Susan Barbato were in attendance. Their names did not appear on the minutes as issued.

  • Treasurer’s Report -- Rob Bainbridge
    Rob Bainbridge reported on the current balance of FBPA.

  • Committee Reports -- Mission Statement
    -The FBPA m ission statement was finalized and approved at the meeting. Final version is as follows: The Frenchtown Business and Professional Association is an organization dedicated to the economic, aesthetic, and cultural growth of Frenchtown and its surrounding area. Our association provides a forum in which government and citizen interests, as well as outside businesses interact effectively with the business community. We are a social network that encourages the membership to share ideas and find common ground that supports unity, teamwork and cohesiveness for the prosperity of Frenchtown.

  • Web Site - J. Arancio/ Alan Runfelt
    Jay presented many pictures he has taken around town that present an interesting and positive image of Frenchtown. Attendees rviewed the selection and agreement was made that Jay and Donna Miller will meet and finalize photo’s to be used on the site ASAP.
    Alan has received ONLY 4 response sheets from FBPA members for inclusion on the site. A copy of the document is being attached to these minutes. Return the completed form to Rob Bainbridge at Valley Florist ASAP. Remember, participation in the visitors site is automatic (no charge) with your paid annual dues for 98. Alan has begun loading FBPA members onto the site; don’t delay - complete yours today! Alan also reported that the site is getting on average 20 hits per day. Also, the map portion, with a "click to open" feature on all the business in town, is nearing completion.The site will be an invaluable resource for visitors, the local community and FBPA members.

  • Frenchtown Business Map
    Discussion continued about FBPA developing a business directory map as a useful handout in the shops and restaurants in and around town. It appears that the web site map will serve this function well as a tri-fold 8 1/2 x 11sheet. It will list businesses, eateries, points of interest, etc and be useful as a self guided tour of Frenchtown. Contact Jay at 996-7855 if you would like him to mail you a copy or dial up and click on the map to view from the Internet. Price quotations and color selection will be reviewed at the next meeting.

  • Frenchtown Brochure
    A brochure project, begun some time ago, has been reactivated. Text that was written for the project will be reviewed by Joann Stevely and Frank Barbato and Jay Arancio will work on layout and photo selection. Update will be given at the next meeting.

  • E-mail Addresses
    Any members with an e-mail address, please notify Frank Barbato @ Natural Instincts 996-6304 or e-mail him at with your address so an Internet system can be set-up for FBPA communication.

  • DUES, DUES, DUES -- Due now for 1998 $55.00

    Dues entitle members to:

  • Free listing on the web site (upon receipt of completed info sheet)
  • Monthly minutes/newsletter updating activities
  • Frenchtown Business Map Handout (~10,000 will be circulated)
  • WDVR Radio Advertising Coverage
  • Cooperative Advertising Buying Potential You can’t afford not to become a member!!!!!!!!
  • Please give or send checks to Rob, 17 Bridge St @ the Florist.

    Other Issues:

    Next FBPA Meeting --- Frenchtown Inn ---- Wednesday, February 11, 1998 -----

    and the second Wednesday of each month at the Inn.
    Group gathers to socialize from 6 to 6:30 PM.
    Meeting start promptly at 6:30.


    Frank Barbato, Sec'y