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Del Val News Dies
after 129 years of publication

September 22, 2008:

The owners of the Hunterdon Democrat announced today that they planned to cease publication of the Delaware Valley news after a 129 year history of serving the communities on both sides of the river from their headquarters in Frenchtown, New Jersey.

The Del Val News began publication - and was printed right in Frenchtown - as The Frenchtown Star in 1879.

It was sold to the Hunterdon County Democrat and became the Delaware Valley News in 1932.

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The Del Val News is owned by the Hunterdon Democrat and has no dedicated web presence of its own.

The Del Val News did do a nice story about when it first went online back in '97, but since then, although personal relations are cordial, organizational cooperation never came about...

Here's their main site

Here's their Del Val news page: