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Artlab, as the name suggests, is a confluence of traditional art and modern technical methodologies in service to the product development community, specifically the toy and collectible industries.
With a background that included sculpture and metalsmithing Warren Spindler conceived of the concept of Art Lab in 1980. As an exhibit designer and builder, he wanted to incorporate his and other artists' creative skills with the technology needed to build low cost museum exhibits with high impact visual images and direct, to-the- point text to draw the public into a variety of Philadelphia's smaller museums. After more than thirty exhibits, the company closed its doors in 1984. 

Warren Spindler worked in the product development community for the next dozen years as a modelmaker, sculptor, designer, and manager. His work put him in contact with all the major and minor toy companies and many of the collectible companies on a regular basis. 

In January, 1997, Warren Spindler opened the door of his new studio doing business as Sculptural 3D Imaging... After several months he decided to return to the name of Artlab registering it with a new spelling and new mission.

Artlab Mission: Creativly utilizing old world craftmanship and today's modern materials and methodologies, Artlab strives to deliver clean, exact, well-thought-out product development services at a fair price.

Sample Projects: The four inch high figurine of "William Shakespur" was developed as the lead product created for Feline,Inc. and Ertl Toys from the book "The Cat Hall of Fame" written by Terri Epstein and Judy Epstein Gage, Illustrated by Roger Roth. The book consists of famous personalities from history, illustrated to resemble cats or vice versa. 

"Tango in the Tundra" 7' high wax sculpture 
Warren Spindler and Roger Roth enjoy working together on any project that does not take a lot of serious thought. With Roger's witty character development and Warren's ability to capture the essence of a character in three dimensions, they plan to come out with new work soon in 1998.

Artlab is located in 
The Borough of Perkasie in 
Upper Bucks County,

See "Call him the Leonardo of Tchotchkes"
Article in Philadelphia Enquirer - 10/3/2000:


Warren can be reached by: snail mail: 

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phone: 215.258.5825
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